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Your Questions Answered

Since 2022, MouthWateringCatering has offered clients in Albuquerque and its surrounding area with cutting edge service. Exceptional customer service is our number one goal, and we are here to provide you with all the answers you need to make your experience working with us all the more enjoyable. See some of our clients most frequently asked questions and get the answers you’re looking for today!


What other seafood options can you provide?

If we can order it, we can cook it. We specialize in Shrimp, but we can also provide Crawfish, Crab, Muscles, Lobster. Basically, if we can boil it we will!!!

Puled pork.png

Do you cook anything other than Seafood?

We understand that not every family member eats seafood. For that reason we also provide smoked pull pork sandwichie's. For that pick child or pesky uncle... we got you covered.


What is your preferred payment method?

We except all foms of payment. Cash, debit or credit we got you covered.

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